by Sinsitra 

“2022 summary!”

Hello 2023!

Time for the update! Past year was very intense for me: I printed 2 issues of "Krysia's adventures" (only in Polish... for now...), finished drawing and posting chapter 1 of "The Blessed & The Beast", made a lot of merch (for the first time), went to 14 conventions as a vendor (also for the first time!), and met so many new people. I've never traveled so much in a year in my entire life! I'm planning to buy a stand to put my convention badges on a display like medals 😆

I want to thank everyone who supported me!! ❤️ This year I'm not stopping and I'm planning to bring you more and more cool stuff!

It's also time for me to work on 3rd issue of "Krysia" (and finally translating 2nd), work on chapter 2 of "The Blessed & The Beast" and print chapter 1 of the comic👏 TBATB is still a priority in my heart and I've already have almost 20 pages of chapter 2 ready, but I can't promise when the comic will be back.

Thank you for reading, patience, and see you soon ❤️


2nd Jan 2023, 9:00 AM Dang, that's impressive!!
Go girl!

I'm waiting for TBATB sooooo much!