Chapter 1: 059

6th Jun 2022, 12:00 AM

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Author Notes

6th Jun 2022, 12:00 AM Tattoo reveal.


6th Jun 2022, 12:58 AM I like this guy. I hope nothing bad ever happens to him.
6th Jun 2022, 11:30 AM Of course! What even makes you think that? :o
6th Jun 2022, 1:24 AM My guy looking like a SNACK with those tatts :3
6th Jun 2022, 11:31 AM I'm sorry to inform you that he's a priest.
6th Jun 2022, 2:58 PM GOOD.
6th Jun 2022, 3:52 PM *finger guns*
6th Jun 2022, 9:39 AM neat! I'd love to read the interpretation of that tattoo design... I'm quite concerned why there's a cut off vampire hand, I thought they were pals with the episcopate. OOO so many questions!!
6th Jun 2022, 11:29 AM Reminder that Hilda said that he was a member of a cult when he was a child and that's how he's got his tattoos. It wasn't very consensual.
6th Jun 2022, 12:38 PM ooohhhh yesss that's right! thanks! (not a very bright reader here ;) )
6th Jun 2022, 1:41 PM No problem! It happens a lot when you read a page per week - you can forget a lot of stuff :D
31st Aug 2022, 2:43 AM I thought it was a Hand of Glory. Good to know.